Julia Zastava



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                 /\ Julia Zastava is a visual artist working with drawing, sound, text, installation and performance. Her practice is based around: processes of transition, questions of narration, unpleasant sensations, unknown mistakes, misplaced shadows and collapsing intentions. Her way of working consists in reflecting from multiple disciplines that she studied, such as ballet, directing and visual arts. ╱\ 

2024 Human Dove, M
énagerie de Verre, Paris (in the frame of LES INACCOUTUMÉS PRINTEMPS 24 in collaboration with the Centre culturel suisse and Belluard Bollwerk)
2023 Monday evening, VAN artspace, Vienna
2021 superfuture, Hoast, Vienna
2020 Love in ugly room, museum art4ru, Moscow
2019 Wobbling middle age elf, gallerie Akonzept, Berlin
2017 If tiger is liquid, XL gallery, Moscow
2017 Little yes, little no, gallery L'aleatoire, Paris
2016 In vases, MUSA Museum Startgalerie Artothek, Vienna
2016 A head with channeling hairdo, Soiree Berkson, Vienna
2016 Lonely mess, aa collections, Vienna
2015 Gelation, So Weit die Zukunft, Vienna
2015 Sun in double hands, UBIK space, Vienna
2014 Blinking, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2014 Deaf thing, XL gallery, Moscow
2012 Twin mind /duo show with Emiliano Maggi/, Arte Fiera OFF, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna
2011 I will discuss it with my umbrella, Gallery L’Alèatoire, Paris
2011 Father is getting undressed, gallery Paperworks, Moscow
2010 Parcours Saint-Germain, La Villa, Paris 
2009 Two lollipops in the mouthgallery Paperworks, Moscow
2006 My private hell, cultural center DOM, Moscow

2024 out of sight, seen, Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna
2024 Wuthering Tales of Desires, galerie 5020, Salzburg
2023 Remote Frictions, Bank Austria Studios, Vienna
2023 Über das neue, Belvedere 21, Vienna
2022 On Community #3, Contemporary Matters, Vienna
2022 Fruit launch event on the island, Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki
2022 Artists for Ukraine, Museumsquartier, Vienna
2021 Parallel Vienna, Semmelweisklinik, Vienna
2020 Festival Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand
2020 #1, Space 20, Vienna
2020 New Normal, Vienna
2019 VIDEO FOREVER 40 FÉMINISMES, Danysz gallery, Paris
2019 Street Light, Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago
2018 In-Co-Operation, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin
2018 Bergman. Metamorphosis, Solyanka VPA, Moscow
2018 DYS[u]topia, T.A.F., The Art Foundation, Athens 
2017 Video Artists from St. Petersburg 1989-2016, Art Suomi, Helsinki
2017 Queer encounters, California Institute of the Arts: CalArts, California
2016 Tender touches, Austrian Cultural Forum, London
2016 Büro Weltausstellung at Parallel Vienna, Alte Post, Vienna
2016 Video forever, Topographie de l’Art, Paris
2016 Cyfest 10, NY Media Center, New York
2016 My own self, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
2015 Aufgerissenen auges: transmanieristische reaktionen, Xhibit, Vienna
2015 So wilde Freiheit war noch nie, kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt
2014 Eleven, The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2014 Visions of Ludwig Collection, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
2014 Actual drawing, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
2014 Manipulated Image #24, Sazmanab Project, Teheran
2013 Die Chic Boutique, Adds Donna gallery, Chicago
2013 Cutlog NY Video program, CSV center, New York
2013 700IS Reindeerland festival, Reykjavik
2012 Cinema: New Device, National Centre for contemporary art (NCCA), Moscow
2012 Apocalypse and rebirth in Chocolate House, parallel program of Kiev International Biennial of Contemporary art, Kiev
2012 Video Guerrilha, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
2011 Mostra de Cinema Periférico, Coruña
2011 Russian art, SEM-ART gallery, Monaco
2011 Svoboda, Arte Fiera OFF, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna
2011 CologneOFF 2011 Baltic Sea, Saint-Petersburg
2010 Documenta, The King’s Lynn arts centre, King’s Lynn
2010 A video serenade, EFA project space, New York
2010 Manipulated Image #11, The Santa Fe complex, Santa Fe

2022 Die Frisur von la Bestia, Performative Installation, Festival Belluard Bollwerk, Fribourg
(Concept, installation, performance, sound ︵‿ Julia Zastava; Artistic collaboration, performance, sound ︵‿ Lucas Henao Serna; Guest performers︵‿ Tomé Mendes, Nico Schnarrenberger, Corinne Harris; Co-production︵‿ Belluard Bollwerk; Created thanks to a Cultural promotion contribution of Canton de Fribourg)
2022 Oracle and sacrifice in the woods by Claudia Bosse, brut in Prater, Vienna (Costumes)
2022 Sunset Z, Tanzquartier, Vienna
(Concept, stage, performance ︵‿ Julia Zastava; Performance︵‿ Alex Bailey; Artistic collaboration︵‿ Pedro Riva; Sound︵‿ Lucas Henao Serna, Julia Zastava)
2021 Immortality Day by Oleg Soulimenko, BRUT, Vienna (Stage, Costumes, Performance) 
2021 A fruit is becoming ill in sugar by Julia Zastava and Pedro Riva, Prøverommet at Kunsthuset Kabuso in Øystese (Kvam)
2021 Sunset Z /performative installation in video version/, Rakete festival for a new generation of choreography & performance, Tanzquartier, Vienna
2020 Oracle und Sacrifice 1 oder die Evakuierung der Gegenwart by Claudia Bosse, FFT Juta, Düsseldorf (Artistic collaboration)
2020 Oracle und Sacrifice 1 oder die Evakuierung der Gegenwart by Claudia Bosse, Tanzquartier Halle G, Vienna (Artistic collaboration)
2020 Dancing’s demons by Elizabeth Ward, Tanzquartier Halle G, Vienna (Stage, Costumes, Performance)
2017 There is someone sitting on me too, Kubus EXPORT, Vienna (Concept, Stage, Sound, Performance ︵‿ Julia Zastava; Performance ︵‿ Elizabeth Ward, Faustino An; Music ︵‿ Hanno Schnegg; Curator ︵‿ Katalin Erdődi; )
2016 Something must happen, Tasteful / tasteless, In der Kubatur des Kabinetts, FLUC, Vienna (Concept, Video, Performance ︵‿ Julia Zastava; Curator ︵‿ Haiko Pfost)  

2024 Abdominal Marmalade Agency with Karine Blanche, Ménagerie de Verre, Paris (in the frame of LES INACCOUTUMÉS PRINTEMPS 24 in collaboration with the Centre culturel suisse and Belluard Bollwerk)
2024 Abdominal Marmalade Agency with Karine Blanche, Studio Matsune, Vienna
2023 Fly Destine with Karine Blanche, open studio Spektakel, Vienna
2021 Random Stimulation, Velak #118, Symposion Lindabrunn 
2021 _1Hello! by Julia Zastava & Lucas Henao Serna, released on SmallForms, Vienna
2019 I am a cloud, Art Geyger, Berlin
2019 I am a cloud by Julia Zastava, released on Carrots Tapes, Berlin