Julia Zastava

    Remote viewing success in a remote universe.
    Monster department.
    She places her poodle on a table right next to your stretched leg and starts patting it archly throwing at you intense glances and keeping a talk. Which of her acts are sincere?
    Silence but hunger / dark streams of forced satisfaction / soul exchange
    When my eyes watch different directions, is it a sign of a wizard nature or is it just a facial disorder?
    The planet is in trouble - BDSM rotating mechanism
    Aged on love /stay in bed
    We are empty. Are we? Are we hollow to be empty or solid to be not?
    Unpleasant sensations: massacre massage, porno punk
    – Unpleasant sensations: were scattered around, were little sisters and brothers.
    ...Giggling*crying in a rainbow room.

    Film by Julia Zastava, 2018
    Acting: Julia Zastava, Daniel Pabst, Faustino An, Pedro Riva
    Camera: Julia Zastava, Daniel Pabst, Faustino An, Lucila Mayol
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mountain: AC/Boy, Josefin Arnell, Alex Bailey, Louise Deininger, Katalin Erdődi, Fabian Faltin, Ruthie Jenrbekova, Michikazu Matsune, Lucila Mayol, Danielle Pamp, Gustavo Petek, Ovid Pop, Elizabeth Ward
    Music: Jules in Mish